Risk Assessments

Risk Assessments

If your business employs five or more people then it is a legal requirement to undertake and document a fire risk assessment.

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It is perfectly acceptable to carry out your own fire risk assessment. However if you are uncertain, lack the confidence or knowledge the we are here to help.

Our Assessors hold the following:  FPA certificate in Fire Risk Assessment,  City & Guilds 2377 (PAT testing), FETA / BAFE certificate for portable extinguishers, FIA units 1, 2, 3 (Fire Alarm Design Commercial), FIA unit 11 (Fire Alarm Design domestic), ICEL (emergency lighting) competent engineer.

Fire Risk assessments involve a three-step process.

1) Site visit and data collection

2) Preparation and presentation of fire risk assessment / fire safety management report.

3) Return visit to discuss outcomes and plan remedial action.

If you require an instant quotation we need to find a few brief facts.

(e.g. description of business and business activity, size and description of premises, numbers of staff, any high-risk process etc.)

A phone call and brief discussion or an email of your specific requirements is all that is required.

Remember that fire risk assessments need updates regularly if changes are made to the number of staff in your company, or any changes are made to your premises, for example, renovations, extensions or the running of new cables.  Changes to the building structure, even those you cannot see, could have underlying changes that may be dangerous in the event of a fire and may have to be avoided in your escape route.

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